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ADD:No. 5, Shangdang Xingye Road, Dantu District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province
TEL:86-511-85518518    13852910011  Linda Lee

  zhenjiang jinxing electric light source co.,Ltd. is situated on the north side of Zhenjiang Shang dang Town where the scenes are charming.It is a specialized factory engaging in the production of various cold cathode electrical light source products. The main products are as follows:the is neon series including the neon lamps with standard brightness, high brightness, green color, blue color or special structure which form a complete set for various household appliances.The other is Quartz UV germicidal lamp, including UV Ray sterilizing vehicle , uv tube, can widely used in the place which need ultraviolet disinfection occasions , Including the need for photocatalysis ,Activated   photocatalyst  and other occasions.
  We have RoHS, Reach, CE and ISO9001 certificate, For a long time ,this company, which can provide perfect services for customers, enjoys high prestige.All the staff of this company give the customers at home and abroad a warm welcome.

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